The Polation Stage

the polation stage

The Polation Stage
Unlike any other

Stage Set Up

Presented by mPole, this competition will take place on 2 free standing, 4 metre stainless steel mPoles. We now have the option of resistance spinning or static on our stage poles & competitiors can choice between 2 x Spinning, 2 x Static or 1 x of each.

These custom creations have made national events like the Australian Summer Pole Camp 2011 & 2012, Australian Doubles Championships 2015 & the Australian Pole Expo 2017 & 2018 possible, not to mention countless indoor and outdoor events and photoshoots around the country.

To make solo and small group performances a little easier, mPole has custom designed a stage which accommodates these free-standing poles while creating a smooth stage surface to work on, maximizing your floor work and dance options. Above you will find the exact dimensions of the stage area and pole spacing so you can plan your performance accordingly.

The two poles are evenly distributed from the stage centre (marked with a star), so you have equal floor space around each pole.

We know that as this stage setup is completely unique to mPole, you may like to have access to it prior to your performance at Polation so if you are in Newcastle on the following dates please feel free to be in touch with us and we will arrange some time for you to try the stage and poles, to decide on your grip requirements, staging, etc. ahead of time. This will be at NO CHARGE to performers already signed up to the upcoming Polation, we simply want you to feel as comfortable as possible going into the competition. Or just $20 for those who want to feel it out before signing up to Polation

Stage Practice at mPole - Coming Soon