Polation Judge KRY$TI DALLAS
Sunday 22nd September 2019 at mPole Pole Dancing Studios Newcastle
Signature Flips & Tricks at 9.00am

Intermediate & Advanced - Must be able to Ayesha & Over Shoulder Mount to Brass Monkey)
Take a little look over the list below & think about what you would like to do, as we will select 3.
*Basic fundamentals of a Fonji (Drills for learning a Fonji & lead up skills)
*Brass Monkey to Fonji shoulder mount catch (Advanced Students)
*lever frip invert to Reverse Butterfly to Ayesha (Intermediate students - floor start)
*Sneaky V flip off pole (start on pole & finish on pole) (Intermediate & Advanced)
*Cartwheel on pole (complete sideways rotation from left to right starting on pole & finishing on pole) (Option - Cartwheel to Ayesha -can be performed from floor start)
*Lever grip Back Sault (Intermediate Students - floor start) Advanced Students - on pole start)
*Pendulum Frog to Ayesha (Intermediate & Advanced)
* Full Moon (Advanced)


Polation Judge Blue Phoenix
Sunday 22nd September 2019 at mPole Pole Dancing Studios Newcastle
Those Goddam Heels at 11.30am

Already dancing your heart out in a super-hot pair of stilettos? Lets pimp it up a little! Lets get a little freakier! Bring your highest pair of heels & lets REALLY work the floor, focusing on coordinated let waves and circles, floor flow, lines, splits, pirouettes and angles! These wapons are an extension of you own leg - create any number of effects & illusions to dazzle your audience and build your confidence whilst standing sky high on that stage


Polation Judge Andrea James Lui & your doubles partner Charlie Love
Running a DEVIL'S IN THE BACKSEAT Duo Floor Choreography with Andrea James Lui + Charlie Love & are available for Privates on Sunday 22nd September 2019 at mPole Pole Dancing Studios Newcastle
Duo Floor Choreography Workshop at 1.30pm

Andrea James Lui & Charlie Love first set eyes upon each other at Blackbird just over three years ago. Through a love of nonsense & performance, the pair have become united with a connection built through their creative process. Sparking a fire to develop together both on stage & for the camera. The pairs first Doubles pole performance on was at Dance Filthy, May 2019 where they placed 3rd in the professional division. They are also a finalist in the Upcoming Pole Theatre on 28th September 2019.

Explore doubles exotic dance in a safe and fun environment! Students pair up for an introduction to connection, contact, and consent, then apply those basics throughout a partner warm up and off the pole heels choreography. Knee pads & heels recommended, suitable for all levels, no partner necessary!